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You may not know this but: CODE IS A REGISTERED CHARITY!

Just keep going as usual: A personal account of being declared redundant

CODE is seeking your personal stories during these challenging cuts to education. The following blog is from Alison Green, who works in North Bay in the Near North DSB.  Thank you, Allison. CODE appreciates you reaching out and taking the time to do this in the midst of so much stress and at such a busy time of the year.

Historic Meeting with CODE, OMEA and OAEA Presidents

Historic Meeting:  OAEA President Michele Kleinschuk , CODE President Jane Deluzio and OMEA President Isaac Moore.  Dance, Drama, Music and Media/Visual Arts are integral to the education of students in Ontario.  Together we are a unified force and ask our memberships to reach out and work with all four arts folks.

Heroism and the real life story of Jeanne d’Arc: Dramatic Arts Professional Development with the Ontario French School Board

Aujourd’hui, CODE a eu le plaisir de travailler avec un groupe fantastique d’enseignants de la Commission scolaire francophone de l’Ontario. Ensemble, nous avons exploré le thème de l’héroïsme et la véritable histoire de Jeanne d’Arc en utilisant diverses techniques dramatiques.


We’ve all had at least one person who changed our lives with their wisdom, kindness and encouragement. For many, that person was Professor David Booth.You are invited to join OISE for a celebration of life event on: Thursday, June 13, 2019Ontario Institute for Studies in Education252 Bloor Street WestTributes 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. in the auditoriumReception 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. in the libraryPlease share this invitation and help us spread the word.RSVP Today  

Recommendation: YPT's ANTIGONE from former CODE President, Sarah Papoff

 Recommendation: YPT's  ANTIGONE from former CODE President: Sarah PapoffYoung People’s Theatre presents Jeffery Ho’s iteration of Antigone. He takes a Greek classic and juxtaposes the major social justice events of Tiananmen Square uprising and The Hong Kong Umbrella Movement to give young people 12 and up the play we need right now. What is protest? When do we stand up and speak out? Antigone is a critical thinker and activist who stands up for her brother.  She and her brother Niekes are questioning everything. John Ng as Kreon is excellent and reminds us that patriotism and patriarchy are complex, deeply rooted concepts. The theatre in the round staging reminds me that 21st century students urgently need live theatre to inspire creativity. The students were reminded how one can create worlds with a person, authentic emotion and a red umbrella. I attended with a grade 6 class who were engaged and will be exploring protest and social change as a result of this play. If you are looking for an end of year trip- this is a good one for your more mature Grade 6 to Grade 12 students. 

CODE-Upon-Avon: Growing Your Soul - Registration Now Open

Now in our 49th year, CODE invites you to spend the day engaged in professional development that will leave you full of new ideas for your pedagogical practice while you enjoy a day of fun at one of Canada’s most renowned Theatre Festivals.

CODE in the legislature #cutshurtkids

On Monday, April 29, CODE and OMEA (The Ontario Music Educators Association) were named in the provincial legislature by Dr. Jill Andrew, MPP for Toronto-St. Paul and NDP Culture Critic.  Jane Deluzio, President, and Sarah Papoff, former President,  and our counterparts in OMEA (also President and a former President) were introduced. We spent the day in the legislature listening, learning, watching and reflecting deeply. 

Take Action by Telling your Story: A Political message from CODE President, Jane Deluzio

Dear Members:      CODE is a non-partisan provincial organization. This means that we hold ALL governments accountable and that we work with all parties positively and respectfully. We represent Dance and Drama teachers and their educational interests. We are now actively engaged in political action.

ETFO's Blanche E. Snell Estate Fund

The Ontario Teachers’ Federation welcomes applications for grants from nationals of developing countries. If you are a national of a developing country, you may be eligible for a grant from the Blanche E. Snell Estate Fund, a trust fund administered by the Ontario Teachers’ Federation. The intent of the Fund is to permit foreign students or educators who are temporarily engaged in an educational venture in this province, and who clearly indicate their intention to return to their own countries, to supplement and enhance their educational experience through related travel-study programs, workshop and conference attendance, and the like.