This year, CODE supports educators navigating unprecedented times. Join us as we honour the disruption - pedagogical, social and otherwise - of the past few years through a virtual conference, UNMUTE! CODE 2021 on October 23, 2021.

Conference Themes

UNMUTE CODE 2021 will reflect deeply on the power of drama and dance to build connection and to imagine new ways of being together. It will also look forward to new innovations, ideas, and practices that will meet the challenges of changes in the field of education. This theme generates room for artists and educators to create engaging and innovative presentations that honour the needs of CODE members in the following areas:

Culturally Responsive Drama and Dance Practices

  • How to move teaching practice in drama and dance judiciously towards equity.
  • Strategies for building skills and competence in addressing uncomfortable curricula.
  • Trauma-informed arts practices.
  • Exploring community and land-based resources for healing.
  • Building safety in online spaces.
  • Adhering to principles of In a Good Way and CODE’s Call to Action.

French Language Drama and Dance

The role of drama and dance in language learning, in extended French and French Immersion contexts. The role of drama and dance in anti-racist approaches to cultural components of subsequent language curricula.

Keeping the A in STEAM

Forward-thinking approaches to drama and dance, such as STEAM, technology, global competencies, project-based and inquiry learning. How to advocate for the arts and create an arts culture within school communities.

Creating Artistic Performance in a Virtual Platform

Embracing the virtual platform as an exciting and innovative performance space.

Foundations in Drama and Dance Education

Re-visioning keystone approaches to drama and dance education such as story drama, improvisation, or creative movement to reflect present realities and fluid learning spaces. How might we refocus our understanding and application of the ideas of key practitioners like Booth, Boal, Graham, Heathcote, or Laban in light of current needs? In what ways might we refresh drama and dance conventions, elements, and tools of engagement?

Target Audience

CODE conferences are known for inspiring participants by the vast array of ideas that can be applied to both traditional and alternative classroom settings at the elementary and secondary level. We are interested in receiving proposals that can address one or more of the following streams: 

Beginning with the Basics (for pre-service teachers and for those who would like to learn or review how to incorporate drama and dance into their classrooms)

Elementary Drama & Dance (K/P/J) (for teachers and participants with experience who would like to extend their drama and dance practice; effectively threading the arts into a play-based learning framework to enhance student growth as creative thinkers)

Secondary Drama & Dance (I/S) (for teachers and participants with experience who would like to extend their drama and dance practice)

L’action en francais (P/J/I) (using drama and dance techniques in extended and French-immersion classrooms)

Please identify the ideal size of your workshop. In these uncertain times CODE cannot guarantee that this preference will be realized.

Presentation Formats

Workshop (80 minutes)

Participatory sessions that have direct applications for the classroom (sharing of lesson plans, activities and strategies; how to work with a source; assessment and evaluation strategies, etc).

Jam Session- Collaborative Problem-Solving (80 minutes)

Discussions about an identified topic related to the themes of our conference. Jam Leaders are encouraged to consider creative approaches to create a collectively created document building on best practices in drama and dance surrounding specific themes and topics.

Remuneration for Presenters

Workshop Presentations

Retired and Full-Time  Educators $150
Full-Time Freelance Artists $300

Please Note:

  • Presenter fees do not include CODE membership.
  • Current CODE Board and Committee members will not be paid for conference presentations. 
  • Presenters who wish to donate their fees to CODE, a registered charity, will receive a tax receipt.

For any questions please email the 2021 Conference Co-Chairs:

Cheri-Anne Byrne  cheri-anne.byrne@code.on.ca

Tessa Lofthouse tessa.lofthouse@code.on.ca


To submit your application click HERE.