Alias Dance Project Animates Zion Schoolhouse

CODE Conference 2015 presenter Alias Dance Project is animating the Zion Schoolhouse as part of the Animating Historic Sites and Museums project this July in Toronto!

Dating back to 1869, the Historic Zion Schoolhouse once provided free public education for children. Now, with support from the Toronto Arts Council and City of Toronto Museums & Heritage Services, Alias has brought together dance artists of diverse backgrounds to reimagine this historic backdrop. Witness a collaboration of dance, sound design, and visual effects that will envelope you into a magical world where all perception of time and place is challenged!

An original dance work by Alias Dance Project
A new commissioned work by Hanna Kiel
A new collaborative work by Nick Robinson, Victoria Mackenzie aka."Vicversa" and Marcel DaCosta aka."Frost".

Physical and expressive, this diverse line-up promises to be an invigorating performance that is alive and in the moment – a must see!

When: July 10th-12th, 7:30 pm.
Where: The Historic Zion Schoolhouse, 1091 Finch Ave. East., Toronto
Cost: FREE