CODE at the Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA) Conference

Educators, Artists, Academics and Community Theatre Practitioners gather in Singapore for SDEA's 2015 Conference, "Standing Still: Still Standing - Reflecting on the Changing Landscape of Drama and Theatre Practice."

An engergizing exchange of viewpoints and inpiring work at SDEA! A number of panel discussions were offered to delegates attending SDEA 2015, one of which was a discussion about theatre for Social Change. This meaningful dialogue centered around theatre as a means of processing trauma from disaster, addressing pressing social community issues, creating a platform for voice and the ethics of social justice theatre in South East Asia. Panel representatives included Sai One Leng Kham of Shan Educational Theatre Association (Northern Burma/Myanmar), Anj Hereula of Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA),and Paluehad Paholkulbut and Piyashat Sinpimonboon of Makhampom Theatre Group (Transformative Theatre for Teens), moderated by Koh Hui Ling of Drama Box, Singapore. A number of performances were also presented by students, youth and other groups representing various community theatre intiatives. Facilitator Izzaty Ishak lead youth perfomers in a piece entitld, "I'm Expecting: A Forum Theatre Performance about Teenage Pregnancy". This performance, which has toured in Signapore, uses Forum Theatre as a method for engaging teenagers in discussion about the issues surrounding teen pregnancy in Singapore. Motivating keynote addresses were given by Noorlinah Mohamed (National Arts Council's Teaching Through the Arts Programs), Michael Rohd (Sojourn Theatre and Centre for Performance and Civic Practice, Northwestern University), and Robin Pascoe (President of IDEA). Jessie Kennedy (CODE Rep for North West Ontario, Out-of-Province and International Membership) also presented "Navigating Social Interactions in a Digital Age: A Forum Theatre and Inquiry Project" in conjuction with Oniatta Effendi and her students from the Applied Drama and Psychology program at Singapore Polytechnique University. Please check out the SDEA website for further information on the interesting and inspiring work in global theatre practice presented at this conference!