Teaching Dance virtually may seem like a wild idea, especially when students are not comfortable turning their cameras on in class. This is exactly what Sheri thought when her virtual school schedule was all Dance. However, once the initial shock wore off, the creativity and excitement started to flow! 

In this workshop, Sheri will share some of the experiences, tools, and tips she developed this year while teaching Dance in the Toronto District School Board’s Virtual Secondary School. Her classes focus mainly on the individual creative process using a variety of compositional tools and techniques to create movement. She will actively lead participants through a few compositional experiences, share the structure of her daily virtual classes, and talk about creative assignment ideas that have been successful in this virtual world. These techniques can also be used in the non-virtual world, in Drama classes, and also can be adapted for intermediate grades. Come prepared to create and move!

SHERI TALOSI hails from Fonthill—a tiny town in the Niagara Region—and has been involved in the Canadian dance world for over thirty years. She came out of her first dance class at age three and told her mom that she was going to be a dance teacher when she grew up.

Sheri shares her passion for the arts as a secondary teacher in the Toronto District School Board teaching creative-based Dance and Drama courses, and sometimes Math. As an ambassador for the arts, she thrives on the creation and delivery of dance and drama education programs. She has facilitated Professional Learning Communities for dance and drama educators, written for curriculum projects through both CODE and the TDSB, and has been a part of the Pulse Dance Conference Executive Committee since 2015. Prior to her BEd, Sheri completed her MA, focusing on Dance Education and Feminist Pedagogy, and a BFA in Dance, both from York University.

March 18th, 2021, 4 - 5:15 PM

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