December Resource Highlights


December is fast approaching, and most of us are looking for some great new (or great old-but-forgotten) strategies to breathe some much-needed life into our classrooms. We dug through the Resources and pulled out four fantastic Dance and Drama strategies that you can use in your classroom today!

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Character Dances

This lesson has the students envelop the personality of one of the characters through dance movements, and shows, through demonstration, how they perceive that character to move in a variety of events.



An improvisational convention in which students stand in a circle or walk in a line, shoulder to shoulder, following a leader, and spontaneously or sequentially drop out of the line to create poses to mirror and then modify an aspect of the shape and/or movement. The shapes can reflect the themes, issues, ideas, or characters being explored.


“True” Tales - Dramatic Monologues

After hearing a familiar fairy tale told from an unconventional point of view, students choose other fairy tales and write dramatic monologues in role, from an unconventional point of view re-telling that story


Improv Fundamentals

An unscripted, unrehearsed drama spontaneously created by a student in response to a prompt or an artefact. See also prepared improvisation.