Directing Intimacy Workshop

CODE is offering a 3 hour workshop for secondary teachers with Siobhan Richardson, a stage combat and intimacy director, to teach strategies for directing students in scenes with intimacy. Organized by Kathleen Karpenchuk, CODE's Drama Liaison. Click through for details!

Saturday April 7th, 1-4PM

Port Credit Secondary School RM 136

70 Mineola Rd E, Mississauga

Directing young people has huge rewards as well as large challenges.  It allows you to be on the ground floor of artistic inspiration and exploration into acting and theatre however the students are also inexperienced, in life as well as in acting.  Although the level of intimacy explored in high school plays and class work is much lower than in a professional show, scenes with intimacy still exist.  Directing actors at such an impressionable and vulnerable stage in their lives it is important to keep them safe and set them up for success while still challenging them to choose scenes that deal with the breadth of human experience.  In the wake of the #metoo movement it is important to help our teachers navigate these tricky directing experiences as well as teach our students about consent and setting comfortable boundaries for themselves.


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