Enhance your Students’ Creativity: Invite an Artist into your Classroom!

The Artists in Education Roster and the Aboriginal Artists in Schools Roster at the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) are resources for Ontario teachers who wish to hire professional artists to teach hands-on workshops to their students. The roster is available to teachers working at elementary or secondary schools registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education, or federally-funded. 

Teachers can choose from a variety of projects in dance, literature, media arts, music, theatre and visual arts geared at students from JK to grade 12.

CLICK HERE to browse through the 2011-2012 Rosters to select the best project for your classroom. (www.arts.on.ca/Page631.aspx

Project descriptions and contact information for each artist are listed on the roster. Please book artists early to ensure their availability, as they book up quickly. 

OAC pays $42 per hour toward the artist’s fee for the duration of the project.

Schools pay a minimum of $8 per hour plus material costs. An artist’s engagement must be for at least 25 hours. The minimum fee payable by an educational partner for a 25-hour arts workshop is $200. (Please ask artists about their fees, as some have higher rates.) For every 25-hour project, an artist offers 20 hours of in-class delivery. The remaining 5 hours will be spent on preparation. 

For more information, contact:

Christina Akrong

Associate Arts Education Officer

Ontario Arts Council 

647-258-5075 or 1-800-387-0058 ext. 5075

cakrong@arts.on.ca :: www.arts.on.ca

Do you know of an artist that you would like to see on the Artists in Education Roster? Ask them to contact us, and we will help them apply!