Free Flow Dance Symposium

A symposium for all dance educators to discuss Learning and transitions in dance education

Since 2006, the Pulse Ontario Youth Dance Conference has united high school dance teachers and students with artists from the professional dance community for an exciting four-day experience of workshops, performance evenings, socials and visioning meetings. This year we invite you to jump-start a productive and meaningful discussion on the topic of dance student transitions from elementary to high school to post-secondary education (PSE). Faculty, graduate and undergraduate university students, school teachers at all levels and high school students will be participants in this symposium.

Guests include Allen Kaeja (Co-Artistic Director of Kaeja d"Dance) and Mary Fogarty (PhD & Bgirl)

As part of the Pulse Ontario Youth Dance Conference, the Free Flow Symposium will focus on learning and transitions in dance education Thursday May 10 (3:30-7:00pm) in Room 001 Vanier College at York University.

This symposium will focus on transitions from elementary, to secondary to post secondary dance education and we invite all members of the dance education community to join in the discussion.

The cost is $25 (including a light dinner). To register contact