IDEA (International Drama/theatre and Education Association) International Teachers' Project

IDEA (International Drama/theatre and Education Association) has just announced an exciting international project for teachers in various countries, and we urge you to consider joining! Click 'Read More' to see the details, and visit the IDEA page to join the group and read the call in French, Spanish or Chinese.

An International Arts Project,
Focusing on humanity’s relation to the land in the twenty first century.

Proposed by Jeffrey Tan of the Singapore Drama Educator’s Association to be adopted as an IDEA Project open to all IDEA members by Sonya Baehr, Director of Projects, IDEA

• To give youth an international platform to express and share their ideas about the relationship between humanity and the land we inhabit.
• To foster regional and international arts collaboration between a variety of populations and groups on this central theme.
• To bring these expressions together in a world forum on the changing relationship between human beings and the land, their dwelling place. What are the issues? What are the challenges we all face, moving into this century?

Reponses to the project topic can take the form of:
• Theatre performance pieces which could include:
o Music
o Dance
o Puppetry
• Spoken word poetry
• Radio plays
• Short films
• Animation
• Video
• A combination of media as listed above

A Call for Participation is extended to IDEA members who are experienced theatre artists, teachers, directors, film makers, choreographers, poets, and environmentalists who are interested in this topic and are willing to develop opportunities for communities of people in their respective countries to express their hopes and concerns for the use of the land as it is manifested in their localities. The goal is to provide a means of expression to communities whose voices may not be heard through the global media and who may not usually express themselves through artistic means. These would include older people as well as young people, and their relationship to the land they live on may be as varied as the countries from which they come.

Through the development and sharing of these various projects, the international team of leaders should document, reflect, and explore how the act of artistic expression could make a difference in the lives of the people in these communities. Can the act of sharing these concerns between people from a variety of countries help to strengthen their voices, and grant them a hearing in the global conversation?


Nov, 2013 through February, 2014
Identify a group of experienced arts practitioners who are committed to leading or coordinating projects centered on this theme in their individual countries. Our goal would be to have at least two participating groups from each continent, and hopefully, from a variety of geographic areas and climates within those continents. An IDEA Projects Working Committee would be formed to coordinate these efforts, and to ensure that each group met participation standards as developed by the Committee. Working Committee members would not be excluded from leading groups of their own, should they so wish.

February to June, 2014
Collect project proposals from each group. The proposals will need to clearly state the nature of the local project, the population involved in creating and performing the project, the intended audience, and a sustainability model for sharing and continuing the project. Each project must also include plans for documentation and reflection on the project and its results. Links should be created between projects so that it is possible for groups to share their work, either in person, or through various media, and further reflection should be documented on the results of these exchanges. Has the experience changed the perspective of the participating communities? Do they wish to alter their performance pieces as a result?

IDEA General Council Meeting, 2014/2015
Project Working Committee Members will be encouraged to attend, so that projects can be finalized and the entire Committee can receive a status update on the developments within each continent. The Committee will make preparations for bringing representative projects to the 2016 Congress. Planning will take place for a Congress forum at which both guest speakers and project participants will be able to speak and raise issues of importance that have been articulated through the projects.

June 2014 to June, 2015
Implementation of the projects in the various countries.

Presentation of selected Projects at the IDEA World Congress in Ankara, Turkey: July/August 2016.
Representative projects and performances will be brought to the IDEA World Congress in Turkey, where groups can present their work and interact with each other in a world forum. A Congress Forum is planned, open to all members who have participated in the project. If particularly powerful presentations are created, the Committee will explore sharing these with our partners in UNESCO, and perhaps in New York, for representatives at the United Nations.