Kaeja d'Dance - 20/20 Vision

Allen and Karen Kaeja, the keynote speakers at last year's CODE Conference are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of their dance company, Kaeja D'Dance in 2011.  For more information read more at the link below.

Breathtaking and impossibly graceful kinetics evoke compelling themes of love and personal identity as local luminaries Allen & Karen Kaeja overtake the senses with a mixed concert of five new works in Kaeja d’Dance’s production of 20/20 Vision, presented as a part of Harbourfront Centre’s 2010-11 NextSteps Series at Enwave Theatre from April 12-16, 2011 at 8pm. Matinee performances are April 13 and 15 at 1pm. In the world premiere of Armour/Amour, Allen integrates the enigma of live media, music and dance to expose and peel away the complex layers of human love, vulnerability and armour. Other works on the program include the world premiere of intimate new duets and solos choreographed by Karen, and the North American premiere of Norway’s stunning Ut i Scenekunsten, Peaking two decades of intrigue with extraordinary, explosive movement, Allen’s commission from Norway will enthrall audiences as the dancers embody the fluid passion of both tender and dynamic, risk-filled momentum. Karen’s new works include Waiting, a soliloquy of simplicity featuring dancer Stephanie Tremblay in an impressionable work of privacy that opens its doors. In Quenched, dancers and life partners Courtnae Bowman and Zhenya Cerneacov imbue the stage with the intimacy of what was, and what is, in a relationship.  For tickets please call the Harbourfront Centre box office 416.973.4000 or visit www.kaeja.org for more information. 

Matinee enquiries and ticket purchase info: 416-516-6030 or kaeja@kaeja.org. Please note: April 15 matinee is already sold out!