Limited Engagement! Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company Presents One of a Kind

The Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company and Nephesh present, direct from Israel, a fascinating story that appeals to students of all ages. Two shows only on Thursday, February 24th at 1:15pm and 7:30pm at the Jane Mallett Theatre, 27 Front Street East, Toronto.

One of a Kind is the courageous tale of And Argay – a ten-year-old Ethiopian Jewish boy – and his family as they travel from Ethiopia through Sudan before finally reaching their ultimate destination: Jerusalem. Their journey takes place in the mid-eighties when there was a mass exodus of Jewish people from Ethiopia looking to find peace, community and a better means of life in the "Holy Land".

One of a Kind is a true story of the Diaspora that reminds us – no matter who we are – of the importance of family, home, faith and dedication.


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