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Drama can be used to help whole classes meaningfully exploring real and fictional characters, situations and events.   This online session will explore the true story of Annie Edson Taylor’s journey over Niagara Falls in a barrel. The session will be based on a picture book, ‘Queen of the Falls’ by Chris van Allsburg, but will also make use of historical photographs and texts.   Participants will be taken step by step through a complete drama unit.  Explanations will be given at each step for the choice of drama strategy and what it is intended to offer pupils’ learning.  All the drama strategies and conventions used can be adapted by teachers for use with other stories, texts and images.

Participants will :

  • Learn some ways of meeting and engaging with a character
  • Consider how drama strategies can be selected and used to actively engage with images and texts  
  • Consider ways in which key moments can be explored, for deeper thinking and inter-thinking.  
  • Learn how drama can provide meaningful contexts and reasons for different types of thought, talk and writing
  • Get high-quality picture book recommendations, for exploration through drama with pupils from 5-14 years.

Free resources:

  • A drama strategies booklet
  • A lesson plan

Patrice Baldwin was Chair of National Drama (UK) for 11 years and was President of the International Drama Theatre and Education Association (IDEA) from 2010-13.  She has been a speaker and workshop leader in almost 40 countries worldwide.  Patrice was a primary Headteacher, School Improvement Adviser, local government Arts and Cultural Development Adviser and a School Inspector.  She has also worked as a national curriculum consultant and editorial expert for Drama and has worked as a BBC Education scriptwriter and series consultant for radio (and more recently television).  Patrice has published several books on drama for learning. Her next book will be published in 2021 (Bloomsbury) and is about using drama to teach languages.  She is currently leading on Primary Drama for the Oak National Academy, organising government funded online drama lessons for home learning.  

‘Patrice Baldwin is a rarity. She is one of the few primary drama experts left in this country (UK) and quite possibly the most experienced and effective drama primary teacher. Teachers on her courses, come away feeling more confident and with a broader repertoire. Her work is excellent!’  Pie Corbett

Absolutely brilliant! Patrice’s course opened doors for colleagues which they would not have believed possible. In everything she does, she walks delegates through the materials, and discusses the impact this has on children’s learning. She uses drama conventions to create opportunities for pupils to secure their learning in new and deeper ways. Mary Myatt

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