How can Drama and Dance be used as the tools to unpack systems of power, privilege, and oppression in our classrooms and schools? How can the elements of Drama and Dance be used to scaffold and engage in the exploration of oppression, voice, bias in all divisions at an appropriate level? How can we use Drama and Dance to lead with hope, and celebrate the strengths, voices and positive narratives of the Black Diaspora? 

This document is created in response to CODE Conversation: Recognize Reflect Refocus, a panel discussion that took place in May 2021, moderated by Dr. Seika Boye, and featuring panelists Michelle Rodney Bartalos, Wallis Caldoza, Ayesatta Conteh, Dr. George Dei, and Debbie Nicholls-Skerritt. Key comments from the panel discussion frame the content of this resource. The intent of this document is to continue the conversation and reflection, to question systems of power and privilege, examine overlapping systems of oppression, unpack biases, inspire educators to look at their privilege, and invite teachers to engage in this work along with students. 

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Recognize, Reflect, Refocus: Addressing Anti-Black Racism in the Drama and Dance Classroom