A graphic showing the My bookmarks menu link.

CODE is excited to offer a bookmarking feature. When you sign into your CODE account you can save your favourite resources to find quickly when needed. 

Graphic showing Bookmark button.
A screenshot showing the Elements of Dance Posters // Affiches des éléments de danse resource. Under a dark grey menu bar, there is a dark blue button that reads "BOOKMARK", showing users what they can do to bookmark a resource for their account.

Try it out when opening your favourite resources by clicking the "Bookmark" button, and find it saved by clicking "My Bookmarks" in the main menu.

Graphic showing the My Bookmarks button
On a blue/black background with the silhouettes of figures posing, a dark blue box from the CODE menu reads "Resources" in white. There is a white arrow point down to a menu option titled "My bookmarks" also in white. This menu option links users to their bookmarked resources.
A graphic showing examples of saved bookmarks.
This is a screenshot showing an example of bookmarked resources in a users account. Under the blue-black menu of the CODE website, there is a white screen. At the top of the white section, the title reads My bookmarks in large black text. There is a light grey menu that reads Home > Resources under the title. Beneath that there are two columns. The column to the left contains information about donating to CODE (this a rotating message; other content may appear in this section). In the larger right column, there is a table with three columns titled "Type", "Title", and "Ops" (meaning Operations) in dark blue text with an underline against a light grey background to indicate they are the headings. In the first row, all three items are labeled Resource Type in black text. The first item is titled "1, 2, 3, Go ... // 1, 2, 3, On y va ..." in blue text indicating a hyperlink. The second item is titled "Elements of Dance Posters // Affiches des éléments de danse" and the third is titled "Addressing Oppressions through Drama and Dance". The final column features a button for each item. The button is a dark blue box with the text UNBOOKMARK in white, showing how to remove an item from the My bookmarks feature.