Ontario Educational Leadership Centre Arts Courses

For 70 years, OELC/CASO has been empowering leadership province wide.  They believe that all youth have the opportunity to lead and to become incredible leaders.  Accessing their interests and/or passion for the arts is a wonderful way to explore their sense of self and harness their leadership program.  OELC's majestic site and experienced teacher facilitators help provide incredible opportunities for experiential learning, making for a memorable experience for all involved.  This year they have added brand new escape rooms and a life size maze to complement their low ropes course and other experiential learning opportunities on the site.  The differentiated program is conducive to having participants return year after year and have a fresh experience.

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Last year, they took the meaningful step of aligning their courses with the Ministry of Education’s promotion of well-being.  This work, in creating a sense of belonging and heightened sense of self-awareness amongst participants, has led to tremendous growth for the students who have had the opportunity to attend OELC/CASO.  As we are now a place where leadership for ALL is a priority, schools have the opportunity to share this opportunity to a multitude of students that in turn, have the opportunity to make a difference! Participants simply need to have a curiosity and interest in the arts not making it necessary for them to be the star of the class.


Intermediate Arts (Grades 7/8) – May 27-June 2 (www.oelccaso.com/leadership-courses/course-detail/cc7a934c-fa65-4b25-be39-69a5594579ab)

Summer Intermediate Arts (Grades7/8) – Aug 18-24 (www.oelccaso.com/leadership-courses/course-detail/a44e9dc5-4aa4-4826-9d75-898616bb3347)

Secondary Arts: Inspiring Leadership (Grades 9-12) – June 26 – July 2 (www.oelccaso.com/leadership-courses/course-detail/5fc1c4a6-c354-43bc-a311-1f9a3605564e)



We Are Leaders(~1 min)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpR23tw81Go&feature=youtu.be
OELC Staff (~4 min) - 


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