Recommendation: YPT's ANTIGONE from former CODE President, Sarah Papoff


Recommendation: YPT's  ANTIGONE from former CODE President: Sarah Papoff

Young People’s Theatre presents Jeffery Ho’s iteration of Antigone. He takes a Greek classic and juxtaposes the major social justice events of Tiananmen Square uprising and The Hong Kong Umbrella Movement to give young people 12 and up the play we need right now. What is protest? When do we stand up and speak out? Antigone is a critical thinker and activist who stands up for her brother.  She and her brother Niekes are questioning everything. John Ng as Kreon is excellent and reminds us that patriotism and patriarchy are complex, deeply rooted concepts. The theatre in the round staging reminds me that 21st century students urgently need live theatre to inspire creativity. The students were reminded how one can create worlds with a person, authentic emotion and a red umbrella. I attended with a grade 6 class who were engaged and will be exploring protest and social change as a result of this play. If you are looking for an end of year trip- this is a good one for your more mature Grade 6 to Grade 12 students.




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