The State of Our Art


CODE was well represented at "The State of Our Art" at Brock Univeristy for their second drama symposium, with members from the Management Board and past presidents attending the event all weekend.  From keynotes by Julia Salverson and Kathleen Gallagher, and workshops from David Booth, Larry Swartz, Joe Norris, Belarie Zatzman, Julia Salverson, and Kathleen Gallagher, there were workshops allowing students, teachers and academics to dig in through inquiry and applied theatre.  Stay tuned for new opportunities from Brock University and future drama sympoisums.   

Two years after the drama symposium on “Active Citizenship,” Brock University faculty Dr. Joe Norris and Dr. Yasmine Kandil hosted students, educators and academics from Friday, January 26th to Saturday, January 27th for “The State of Our Art” Drama Symposium at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts.

The keynote address on Friday night was from Dr. Julie Salverson from Queen’s University, focusing on “ways to think and feel about what it means to witness and respond to calls for justice as whole people who draw upon a rich variety of resources,” followed by Dr. Kathleen Gallagher in the morning addressing “an intercultural investigation of drama pedagogy, performance and civic engagement to consider how drama can ‘speak back to these times’ if we deem- as some social innovation theorists do- the social world as made and imagined.”  

The Saturday was full of exciting and applicable workshops.  Sessions were facilitated by David Booth, Kathleen Gallagher, Joe Norris, Julie Salverson, Larry Swartz and Belarie Zatzman.  Topics ranged from “Who We Are as Witness,” “Reexamining Canadian History through Story Circles, Picture Interpretation, Tableaus, Choral Speech and Writing in Role,” “A Novel Approach to Drama,” “More than a Play,” “Performing Objects,” and “Verbatim Theatre.”

The sessions were jam packed and everyone walked away with new things to think about and/or to utilize in their classrooms on Monday morning.

Visit the DART website on the Brock University site for more opportunities and symposiums in the future.