Want to give a meaningful gift?

You may not know this but: CODE IS A REGISTERED CHARITY!


We have been both a not-for-profit organization and a registered charity entitled to grant receipts for donations for many years.  We have not mentioned this much in the past because we are grateful for all of you who choose to become members of our organization and have preferred not to reach out to you for financial contributions to our volunteer work. Please know that all of us on the CODE Board are volunteers who donate our time and labour on behalf of dance and drama in education.

That said, CODE has a number of projects in progress. We are in the process of updating and embedding TRC work into our existing resources and creating French Resources. We are also in the middle of a massive website update to speed up and improve your access. With changes and limits on funding from the Ministry of Education, we are engaging in financial creative and critical thinking so our work can continue.

You may choose where your donation is used: 

  1. Resource Development and Revision
  2. Advocacy work on behalf of Drama and/or Dance
  3. Website Development and Maintenance
  4. Wherever CODE needs to use your contribution

You can choose to donate anonymously or to have your name listed as a Donor without the amount listed.  We are choosing not to list amounts on the assumption that we all do what we can when we can whenever we donate to a charity.

You can choose to make a donation in memory of someone who was passionate about Dance and Drama or to wish a friend Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary by celebrating Dance and Drama. We would state that a Donation was made to honour that person and name them if you wish.


Please send an email before sending an e-transfer stating whether you wish to be anonymous or have your name used, where your donation goes (see above possibilities) and if there is someone or an event being celebrated or honoured or remembered.  

Please send this information in an accompanying letter if you are sending a cheque.  

Otherwise....use the button below!

We will accept an E-Transfer to: treasurer@code.on.ca and will also accept cheques mailed to:

3103 Orleans Rd. Mississauga, ON L5L 5L6. 


January 20191. Anonymous. In Honour of David Booth.  For Resources