York University’s Faculty of Fine Arts Fine Art Summer Intensive!

FASI – Fine Arts Summer Intensive – is a series of workshops for educators, current high school and university students and emerging professionals, offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts at York University under one cross-disciplinary umbrella. Mingle with artists of all experiences and backgrounds as you participate in engaging and thought-provoking workshops at one of Canada’s leading fine arts schools.

FASI is offering amazing experiences in dance, design, film, music, theatre and visual arts. Workshops range in length from two day intensive training experiences to three-week long boot camps designs to whip you into creative shape! FASI is an AIF initiative aiming to bring York University’s wonderful Fine Art teaching faculty, facilities and wonderful environment to York region and beyond. Far more can be learned at http://www.yorku.ca/fasi(http://finearts.apps01.yorku.ca/fasi/for-high-school-students/). Read on to learn about the focus on two of the amazing workshops offered. 


Summer Dance Education Intensive

Dance and the Child Course

This professional development course will present theories, models, tools, strategies, practical resources, and applications for teaching dance to young students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. By exploring appropriate contexts for dance learning when designing experiences for young students, participants will develop an understanding of:

  • The elements of dance, skill acquisition, music, and the arts-making processes of dance creation with and for young people,

  • Planning dance units, lessons, and creative explorations for studio, school, or community settings,

  • The revised Ontario dance curriculum for K-8 (2009), applying outcomes and sequencing instruction,

  • The approaches to integrating dance to life and other disciplines,

  • Becoming an arts leader and dance advocate in studio, community, or school settings.

Dates: Monday to Friday, July 2 to 6 and 9 to 13.

Time: 9am to 1pm

Place: Studio F, Room 244, Accolade East, York University

Course Fee: $350

Note: A Certificate will be issued to each participant who completes the

two-week course.



Summer Drama Education Intensive

Shakespeare & Friends Outloud! Course

Learn to make Shakespeare engaging and emotionally fulfilling for youth with Shakespeare in Action‘s Michael Kelly, internationally recognized for his innovative programming in Shakespeare education!

This workshop is intended to create a stronger relationship between the traditional deskbound and practical approaches to teaching Shakespeare and other related poetry studies for the classroom. The emphasis will be on fostering speech arts and oral presentation through improvisation, choral and related scene work. Teachers will focus on an active approach to the text and voice as they learn how to build acting companies in their classrooms. Mr. Kelly will be assisted by a voice specialist.

Why a practical approach? Working practically is particularly useful for overcoming students’ awe and alienation when they encounter Shakespeare. It helps the teacher break free from the force-feeding, teacher-centred situation, which is essentially one-way. The practical approach is process and not product oriented. It is designed to be enjoyable, and is also exciting, but at the same time its real purpose is to encourage the participants to think on their feet. The work and exercises are designed to keep everyone actively and productively engaged. Responsibility for the success or failure of the work is shared between students and their teachers. The work requires no specialist drama skills, but precisely the same qualities as any good teaching: through preparation, a willingness to take calculated risks, and an open mind.

This practical, studio-centred course will feature:

  • Active strategies for scene development and text analysis

  • Techniques to demystify Shakespeare’s words and language for the student

  • Introduction to the choral method

  • Innovative dynamics for independent and group learning

  • Cross-curricular development of reading, writing, drawing and oral work

  • Creative approaches to other dramatic literature

  • Access to expert faculty

  • The Shakespeare Lab

Dates: June 25 - 27

Time: 9am to 3pm

Place: Room 207, Accolade East, York University

Course Fee: $150

Note: A Certificate will be issued to each participant who completes the

three-day course.