Finding Radical Hope and CODE Conversations

Finding Radical Hope profiles a multi-year international research project that examines how young people are doing in our recent years of global unrest. Dr. Kathleen Gallagher (University of Toronto) has for decades committed to a very distinct site for her award-winning research: the drama classroom.

CODE Conversations is a monthly raw footage talk show featuring drama and dance educators and performers in conversation about their work.  The first episode features Andrew Kushnir and Zorana Sadiq in conversation about Verbatim Theatre and the Radical Hope Project.  

Allen & Karen Kaeja receive Lifetime Achievement Award from Dance Ontario

Join Dance Ontario for a remarkable evening of dance and film highlighting Allen & Karen Kaeja's lives in dance on January 26 at the Fleck Dance Theatre.

Their breathtaking achievements will be celebrated by 30 remarkable dance artists who have graced the Kaeja’s works and lives throughout the years. Re-visit 39 years of innovative creative practice through some of the pair's most iconic works. Each featured dance artist offers you a one-minute re-imagining inspired by a different Kaeja piece with the performance culminating in a duet.