A Tribute to David Booth

CODE, the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators, is grieving the loss of one of our founders and honorary members, David Booth. David has taught, mentored, inspired, and motivated thousands of students and teachers during his years as an educator. His loss is being felt keenly all around the world and we, as an organization and as individuals, are deeply sad.

Singapore Drama Educators Association (SDEA) Theatre Arts Conference - Call for Proposals

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 Singapore, 26th - 28th June 2015STANDING STILL : STILL STANDINGReflecting on the changing landscape of drama and theatre practices

TDSB Dare2Create Festival

The TDSB is running a month long arts festival called Dare2Create. From May 2nd to June 10th, this festival will celebrate student voice, creativity for all, and our city’s stories. 

Travelling Stage Event

The Travelling Stage is producing an event on May 3 with performers from Family Channel's "The Next Step" at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga for your students. There is some space left, so here is an exciting offer it for CODE members and their students:  50% off of the price, if you mention "CODE".   For more information read more. 


                                                                                                   MAY 21, MAY 22, 2014 – OTTAWA                                                                                                                         NEWSFLASH THE “ JOURNEY”: As with all previous Roundtables, we offer an image of investigation and discovery for renewed examination of our beliefs and practices in teacher education in the arts (TEA).  This year, we are emphasizing the image of the “journey”.  We will literally be walking between  locations  which may have as much impact on our work as that found in the destinations.  To what extent does the image of the “journey” resonate with your research or practice?  Please let us know before the Event of any internet links or web-sites re the “journey’ that we might all find informative in our quest for the 2 days.  We will be pleased to compile and make all submissions available to all. REGISTRATION:  Registration remains open.  For your convenience, we enclose a registration form with this note.  But, please do not delay as we are now more than half full for the 50 slots available.  Registration will close on May 15 or when we reach 50 participants. 

Theatre Ontario’s Summer Theatre Intensive Coming this August!

Enjoy your passion for theatre this summer by immersing yourself in learning the craft of Acting or Directing.   Theatre Ontario will be running a week-long Summer Theatre Intensive August 10-16th 2014 in Waterloo at Wilfrid Laurier University.Choose one of the following courses and receive training with an exceptional instructor,  6 nights accomodation, meals, and a trip to see Man of LaMancha at the Stratford Festival.  These courses are designed for emerging artists and those with a passion for theatre, running now for over 35 years!  2014 line up: 1.   Everything you always wanted to know about Acting…and then some! – Tom Diamond  2.   More Hot Scenes: Building Acting Technique – Brenda Kamino 3.   Reviewing your Revue: creating a musical theatre performance – David Gale and Randy Vacourt 4.   How do I make this play happen? Directing for Beginners – Thom Currie  5.   Whose text is it, anyway?  Adventurous approaches to performance  –  John P. Kelly    To register and for more information, click here. *Early Bird Special – save $50 if you register by May 1st! 

Drama and Literacy Course with Dr. Jonothan Neelands

In this course, you will have the opportunity to work with graduate students at York University’s Faculty of Education and with Dr. Jonothan Neelands from the University of Warwick, UK. The focus of the course will be on the ways in which language learning and literacy development can be enhanced in and through drama.

A Great Website to Check Out

As arts educators it can sometimes feel like an endless job explaining the importance of the arts to those that just don't seem to understand it.  Currently, in the UK, drama and dance teachers are fighting to make their government understand the value of these art forms.  Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, has rather famously indentified drama (in addition to PE and Media Studies) as one of the 'soft subjects'.  While hearing this devaluing of the arts from yet another politician may cause arts educators to want to tear their hair out, a really cool website has emerged from all this.  Check out the article. It has some astute, passionate and inspiring articles from students, teachers and artists about the role that drama and dance play in the development of a young person. 

CODE ActivityMembers only

Here is a fun exercise that highlights the importance of focus and isolating listening when on stage.  It involves some simple group singing, and is always a hoot to facilitate!ACTIVITY: Sing Sing SyllableTYPE OF ACTIVITY: Warm-up; listening skills; focus; teamwork

Attention Dance Educations - help needed!

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Dance educators, please take a moment to complete this survey. The government is trying to collect information about the dance community. Your participation is appreciated. To visit the survey, click here.

IDEA's Land and Home Project

The International Drama/Theatre and Education Association announces a new international arts initiative, the “Land and Home” project. The “Land and Home” project is open to all members of IDEA. The project’s focus is on the changing relationship between human beings and the land, their dwelling place. What are the issues and challenges we all face as we move into the twenty first century? To foster regional and international arts collaboration between a variety of populations and groups on this central theme, experienced artists, teachers, directors, film makers, choreographers, poets, musicians, and environmentalists who are interested in this topic are invited to develop opportunities for communities of people within their respective countries to express their hopes and concerns for the use of the land as it is manifested in their localities. The goal is to provide a means of expression to communities whose voices may not be heard through the global media and who may not usually express themselves through artistic means.