A Tribute to David Booth

CODE, the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators, is grieving the loss of one of our founders and honorary members, David Booth. David has taught, mentored, inspired, and motivated thousands of students and teachers during his years as an educator. His loss is being felt keenly all around the world and we, as an organization and as individuals, are deeply sad.

A Fun, Unique In-School Tap Dance Program!

The Travelling Stage is thrilled to announce that we are now offering an in school tap dance program.  Students will tap dance alongside professional tap performers and instructors.  We have a few sponsors onboard, who are helping with the cost of classes and shoes.  In school and lunchtime program available.  We take care of all supervision and registration.  All host schools will receive a free in school workshop for hosting.

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CODE Conference - 'Back to Basics' - Deerhurst Resort - October 18-20, 2013

The CODE Conference is right around the corner! Sign up and book your hotel by September 18 to get the discounted hotel rate.

Fall AQ Courses in Drama and Dance

If you are interested in taking an Additional Qualification in Drama or Dance face to face, there may be a course near you! Read more to find courses at OISE, York and Ottawa U happening this fall!

Patrice Baldwin Workshop and Keynote Presentation

Patrice Baldwin (Past President of IDEA and former CODE Conference keynote) has been chosen by Brock University as the 2013-14 Walker Cultural Leader Series Visiting Scholar for the Drama in Education and Applied Theatre Concentration and will be coming to Canada to deliver a workshop and keynote presentation.

Drama and Dance in Faculties of Education: An Update

CODE is inviting its members and concerned drama and dance educators to check out this Advocacy page. Now is the time to advocate for Drama and Dance in Pre-Service Education programs at Faculties of Education as the programs are re-imagined for the two year pre-service program. Feedback is required by September, 30th, 2013. Please consider sending an email. Have a look at this wiki created by committed Ontario dance and drama educators:http://advocatefordanceanddramahere.pbworks.com/w/page/68660417/Advocate...

Stagecraft Posters and Elements of Stage – An Illustrated Handbook of the Theatre

Stagecraft Posters and Elements of Stage – An Illustrated Handbook of the Theatre are a quick visual reference; an overview of the terms, technology and techniques of theatre. Students gain confidence by quickly understanding the language of theatre. This set of 5 instantly downloadable posters and the 60 plus page handbook are a great resource, perfect for the class room, rehearsal hall, backstage or the green room.As an introduction to theatre, or as a refresher to the old hand, Stagecraft Posters provide a consistency of terms and ideas—from areas of the stage to a lighting board—so that everyone is on the same stage. The Elements of Stage – An Illustrated Handbook of the Theatre is a print-your-own downloadable digital file that can also be used for visual classroom presentations. The PDF file contains quick quizzes and fast facts. I know this resource would be of great value to your association members. To download these files, visit www.youprintposters.com

CODIES Abroad: National Drama 2013 Adventures!

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Greenwich University in London was an amazing place to be for Drama teachers July 4 -7, 2013. I was thrilled to attend the National Drama conference in the UK. The theme, Heathcote Reconsidered, was an incredible opportunity to learn from, share with and explore drama in education ideas in process drama, mantle of the expert, rolling role and more as influenced and on by the foundational work of drama matriarch, Dorothy Heathcote. National Drama is one of two UK Drama subject associations.  Greenwich University is a world heritage site and there were educators from around the world itself there to share ideas on Drama in Education.

Back to Basics CODE Conference: Early Bird Rate

Don't forget to sign up for this year's exciting CODE Conference by July 31st to get the early bird rate! Join hundreds of dance and drama teachers and artists at Deerhurst Resort. Click on the link below for more info! https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/s/?view=att...

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