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Scripted for Schools Video by the Playwrights Guild of Canada

This amazing video from the Playwrights Guild of Canada features educators, students and arts advocates speaking about the power of Canadian plays in the classroom. To find out more about what benefits you receive from the PGC with your CODE membership, visit CODE Benefits.

Shaw Teacher's Day - Friday, April 27th 2012

IT’S TEACHERS DAY AT THE SHAW!  Friday, April 27.  Join us for a special professional development day for educators with workshops, lunch, a wine & cheese reception and an optional evening performance of Ragtime.Workshop choices include:  Directing the Chorus, Bucket Drumming, Vocal Health, Theatre Make-Up, and Extreme Flocking.  For more information and to register: www.shawfest.com/teachersday

Ontario Student and Parent Survey - 2011

The OSTA-AECO, October 21st, 2011 Student & Parent Survey - Analysis & Results - examines 10 parameters of Ontario High School students' response; 7,112 students from across the Province took the Student Survey.  Excerpts from the executive overview cites the following, noting that the results point to some areas of concern and some surprising differences between parents and students.

The Alzheimer’s Project: “It’s Just What You Do”

Tags: Dance
This presentation will expose High School students to quality dance and drama, underlining the importance of Post Secondary Education and York’s Concurrent Education Program, as well as to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease and the value of donations to the Alzheimer's Society.  The dance presentation will consist of a 10 minute duet, following a short explanation of the demonstration piece and will include a description of how this project originated, the choreographic process and how the integration of theatre has aided the dancers emotionally to connect with the dance.  This performance will showcase the York University BFA Dance Program and the other courses offered within the York arts department. 

The National Theatre War Horse Teacher Training Residency program - January 30 - February 3rd & a presentation on February 10th

Tags: Drama
War Horse is a dramatic epic staged at the Outbreak of World War One that describes how a boy's cherished thoroughbred horse, Joey, has been sold, to the British calvary by his father who had fallen on hard times.  Young Albert's horse was subsequently shipped to France; after a disastrous offensive, Joey was captured by the Germans and then his ownership changed hands twice more before he was finally entangled in a barbed wire fence.  Private Albert Narracott, determined to locate Joey would soon find himself alone in no man's land and found that he would be serving firstly on one side and then later on the opposition. War Horse was later transformed into a poignant cinematic experience by Director, Steven Spielberg, albeit with a varying impact upon the film's audiences.  The National Theatre War Horse Teacher Training Residency program, compiled by the Blyth Education Academy in Thornhill is making its presence with a multi-venue GTA presentation from January 30 - February 3, 2012 and a major presentation in Toronto, February 10.


This year’s FOOT interrogates the complex relationships between Theatre and Learning in both theory and practice. The conference will comprise three broad areas of exploration: learning theatre, learning through theatre and theatre plus learning. Each stream will feature scholarly panels, performances, workshops and a roundtable discussion. With presenters joining us from six different countries, this year’s festival promises a unique international forum for researchers, artists, students, teachers and parents to meet and explore theatre in education, theatre for social change, theatre training and theatre for young audiences (TYA), among many others. We are especially excited to announce our international keynote panel: from the UK, Professor Helen Nicholson (Royal Holloway University, author of the seminal work Applied Drama: The Gift of Theatre); from Canada, Professor Admission to all FOOT events is free!

Call for Workshop Presenters

Attention all Artists and Educators! The Council of Drama and Dance Educators is looking for workshop presenters for our 42nd annual conference Think Global: Drama and Dance! This year's conference focuses on the universal nature of drama and dance and its power to inspire and promote global responsibility and awareness. By making real-world connections through the arts to the issues affecting our increasingly-complex world, students will increase their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Workshop themes will include: Creating and developing a unit of study focused on issues of globalization and citizenship, social justice, environmental issues and/or socio-economic issues, and/or equity and diversity, from pre-planning to implementation to assessment and evaluationExploring dance and drama from diverse communities and cultures (e.g. world dance forms, First Nations, Metis and Inuit cultures)Exploring environmental and/or social justice issues through drama/dance in a school or community setting (e.g., working with at-risk populations, using drama and dance to explore issues of poverty, the impact of trade on world nations and the environment, the Occupy Wall Street movement, etc.)School and community-based organizations using the arts as a tool for social activism and awarenessReal-world and cross-curricular connections of drama and dance to other subjects (e.g. integrated arts, social sciences, science, geography, mathematics, health, etc.)Developing students’ financial literacy and critical literacy through the artsTools for elementary generalist teachers to incorporate authentic drama and dance experiences for students into their existing curriculum (integrated arts, cross-curricular lessons and units)Bringing dance and drama in to the Early Childhood Education classroom Applications are due at midnight on Wednesday, February 29th! The application can be found at:  http://www.formstack.com/forms/dramafocus-code_proposalsIf you have any questions, please contact the Conference Chair, Jennifer Goodine, at jennifer.goodine@code.on.ca

A Code of Ethics for Theater Workers

Tags: Drama
A Code of Ethics for Theatre Workers - Developed in 1945 for the Circle Players Theater in Los Angeles.  The code consists of seventeen common sense, stringent and binding rules to follow for actors and others engaged in the work of the theatre.  While now almost 70 years old, literally everything stated remains vital, practiced and relevant.  The following is excerpted from the forward to the code:  “A part of the great tradition of the theatre is the code of ethics which belong to every worker in the theatre. This code is not a superstition, nor a dogma, nor a ritual which is enforced by tribunals; it is an attitude toward your vocation, your fellow workers, your audiences and yourself. It is a kind of self-discipline which does not rob you of your invaluable individualism.  Those of you who have been in show business know the full connotation of these precepts. Those of you who are new to show business will soon learn. The Circle Players, since its founding in 1945, has always striven to stand for the finest in theatre, and it will continue to do so..." The complete code post can be found at:  http://www.lastagetimes.com/2009/08/a-1945-code-of-ethics-for-theatre-workers-surfaces/

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre-Discount for CODE members!

Tags: Dance
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, heralded as America’s Cultural Ambassador to the World, comes to the Sony Centre to showcase the vision of new Artistic Director Robert Battle with programming that embraces the Ailey tradition of such beloved classics as Revelations and extends the legacy in dynamic new directions.  Experience the power of Ailey and see for yourself why this extraordinary company is hailed as America’s cultural ambassador to the world and “possibly the most successful modern dance company on the planet.” (The New York Times)Visit our CODE benefits page to find out how CODE members can access their discount!

Forum Theatre Intensive

Tags: Drama
Join us for an intensive workshop series in Augusto Boal's Forum Theatre. Some previous experience in forum theatre is required.-Build on your forum theatre play development skills -Build on your improvisation skills to prepare for spectactors-Learn some tricks behind being a joker-Continue Rehearsing for your personal Revolution