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  • Full Member - $50.00
    Teachers, arts consultants, community members, etc. (One year)
  • Retired teacher* - $25.00
    Teachers retired from the profession and listed on the OCT roster. (One year)
  • First-year teacher** - $25.00
    Teachers who are in their first year working within the profession; teaching immediately following graduation from their Faculty of Education*. (One year)
  • Student Membership - No Charge but you must register with us!
    Student in an accredited university or college. You must register with your college/university email. (Two years)
  • Group Membership - School-wide memberships or multiple-school memberships are possible with CODE. Check to see if your school or school board has one already or share our advocacy letter with them.

Membership Renewal

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*If you are renewing for the first time as a retired teacher, you must create a new account to access the Retired teacher rate with a different email address from their previous account or change the email address associated with your previous account first before creating your Retiree account.
**An educator in their first year of teaching immediately following graduation from their Faculty of Education.

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