Tarragon Theatre

Toronto Ontario

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Black and white image of Terragon Theatre.

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Great Canadian Theatre Company

300-1227 Wellington St. W. Ottawa

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Good Minds

Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, 188 Mohawk Street Brantford Ontario

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Dance Current Magazine


Stay on top of the critical conversations in dance in Canada with The Dance Current. With six print issues per year and a supplementary online component, The Dance Current offers comprehensive coverage of the artistic heart of the dance community in Canada. Regular print issues include artist profiles, interviews, feature articles, opinions and critical commentary from people in the profession.  

The Dance Current’s mandate to examine and promote equity within the dance field makes the magazine an invaluable resource for educators. In addition to keeping abreast of issues in the community, the magazine also provides regular coverage of physical and mental health issues in the sector, and even has a monthly column called dedicated to teaching and pedagogy.

Until June 2020, CODE members  can receive a full year of The Dance Current for $35.

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CODE/FNMIEAO performance of YPT and Kaha:Wi Dance Theatre's The Mush Hole on Sunday, October 20th at 2:30

165 Front St E Toronto Ontario

Join CODE and FNMIEAO in supporting Young People’s Theatre and Kaha:Wi Dance Theatre in their production of The Mush Hole on Sunday, October 20th at 2:30. This is an emotional dance performance about truths of the Mohawk Institute Residential School. 

Geronimo's Dream Video   (1:49)

Thanks to a special price from YPT, $14 of your $30.00 ticket is donated to this important Go Fund Me in memory of residential school survivors.

Geronimo Henry was brought to the Mohawk Institute Residential School, also known as the "Mush Hole" in Brantford, ON at the age of 5. Geronimo's dream is to build a monument in memory of those who like himself suffered and continue to suffer as a result of this experience. There are no words to express how much this would mean to Geronimo to build this monument as it will acknowledge those who survived and those who did not.

Referred to by a number instead of his name, Geronimo was forbidden from speaking his native language and stripped of his culture. Instead of receiving an education, he spent 11 years at the “Mush Hole” where he experienced repeated abuse.

Geronimo now spends his time sharing his story in order to educate all people on the realities of residential schools, the impact of inter-generational trauma and why it is critical that everyone is aware of this.

For more information: https://www.youngpeoplestheatre.ca/shows-tickets/the-mush-hole/

To order tickets, email sarah@code.on.ca by Thursday October 17th and make an e-transfer once you receive confirmation to the same email. Your tickets will be at the box office on the day of the performance, Sunday October 20th.

 Ian R. Maracle

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Shakespeare in Action!

34 John Street, Unit B York , ON, M9N 0B2 Ontario

Shakespeare in Action is offering a 10% discount for members who book interactive in-school workshops, or performances at their new theatre space.  

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