We believe...

  • that specific Drama & Dance knowledge, skills and values are critical for learning at all levels of education, in Ontario.
  • that Drama & Dance as art forms and as processes of learning integrate the curriculum and facilitate essential learning outcomes.
  • that to be effective, all teachers must experience in-depth pre-service and in-service training in educational Drama and/or Dance both as subjects and as vehicles for integrated and cross-curricular studies.
  • that it is essential for Drama & Dance teachers to develop partnerships with the educational and artistic communities and with the public.

Our goal, as stated in our by-laws, is to "encourage and support the development of drama and dance in education in Ontario".

To do this, we

  • Promote strong arts education in schools and communities across Ontario
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas among those involved in drama and dance in education
  • Provide leadership and advocacy in drama and dance in education
  • Provide professional development in those involved in drama and dance in education
  • Cooperate with existing arts agencies and education organizations.

To accomplish these goals and objectives, we focus on several areas:

  • A WEBSITE with articles, resources, a discussion forum, lesson plans, links to arts organizations and more.
  • CODE CONFERENCE, an annual event for drama and dance educators. An exciting opportunity to participate in professional development and network with other educators in Ontario.