Individual schools may purchase a School-wide Membership. The school receives a registration code that gives access to CODE membership for all of its teachers.

Elementary teachers interested in group membership for your entire school, please make a request using this form. Our Treasurer and Membership Chair will correspond with you to establish payment processing and registration processes for members.

School boards may also contact us to purchase multiple school-wide memberships through the form above. Our Treasurer will establish a quote.

Enter the full name of the school, such as "Acme Public School".

Person requesting membership
Please write the school or school board for which you are making the request for a group membership.
For Elementary School-wide Memberships, please inform us of the size of your school and if you share a principal with another school. For Group Membership, include details such as the number of elementary schools in a school board that would be seeking a membership, the number of secondary teachers within a board that would be seeking membership, etc. If you are a consultant who requires trial access to demonstrate the value of CODE membership to the board, please indicate that here.