Open-ended or divergent questions stimulate more language use, acknowledge that there can be many solutions to one problem, affirm children's ideas, and encourage creative thinking. "Open-ended questions open up conversations. When you ask an open-ended question, you don't know what the child"s answer is going to be.

*Close-ended questions usually end conversations.

*Open-ended questions that are too general or unfocused may be difficult for the child to respond to and may also end the conversation.

Closed Question:

Open-ended Question:

"What colour is this?" "You used a lot of blue on your painting. What does it remind you of?"
"How many cars did you put on the block?" "What could those drivers be thinking about?, Where might they be going?"
"What's your doll's name?" "Your baby is so beautiful! Tell me about her."
"What shape are you making with your body?" "How could you show your feeling excited with your body?"
"What's the character's name in the story?" "What might she be thinking?"