Overview of the Resource

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At the core of STEAM is TEAM! This resource highlights what teachers and artists can accomplish together. Sustainable education is at the heart of it all. 

Are you a teacher working with artists in the classroom?

This resource will guide you through steps you can take to prepare ahead of an artist's visit. Additionally, it outlines how you can support artists during workshops and sessions, and the essential debriefs with students and artists afterwards. Collaborating with artists provides opportunities for your personal artistic development and unique opportunities to observe student learning through a different lens. It's a great way to enrich your classroom space, gain new perspectives, and explore new artistic experiences along the way. 

Are you an artist working in classrooms?

This document will be equally as valuable, exploring the importance of discussing scheduling, practical concerns, and classroom contexts ahead of a visit. Additionally, it guides you through how to collaborate with teachers during your sessions, and the importance of feedback afterwards. Artists provide powerful educational experiences in the classroom. You will inspire students with the enriched artistic experiences you create for them. 

STEAM is the DREAM because alongside science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the arts provide invaluable opportunities to foster innovative and divergent thinkers who collaborate and build community.  

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