Lessons Overview


Students will investigate the relationship between natural resources in the Canadian provinces and the economy. In these lessons, they will consider the overuse of natural resources and discover the impacts humans can have on the natural environment. Students will also learn what happens to the economy of an area that relies on a natural resource, once that resource has been depleted. They will discover the importance of protecting the natural environment and learn about initiatives to protect the environment in various Canadian communities. Students will create their own media text to represent a message they feel is important about the consequences of harmful actions on natural resources. In these lessons, they will extend their understanding of human impact on the environment and therefore the economy, by creating a dance piece to communicate the effects of deforestation in Canada.


Lesson 1 - Exploring Natural Resources in Canada

Students will be introduced to various natural resources associated with the economy in specific provinces. Through an understanding of these Canada and World Connections, students will consider the environmental impact of human behaviour on these industries. Students will focus on a specific issue and create a media text to encourage readers to protect the natural environment or face specific consequences.

Lesson 2 - The Effect of Humans on the Natural Environment

Students will use their previous understanding of the effects of industry on the environment to communicate this impact through flocking as well as a contrasting creative movement piece.