Unit Overview


Students in grades 7 and 8 will use the elements of drama to explore issues connected to financial literacy. Through individual, small group and whole class activities, students will understand that drama can be used to investigate real life issues connected to money, consumerism and finances.


In the following three lessons, students will engage in strategies such as personal storytelling, tableau, role play and improvisation to reflect upon their own relationship to money, investigate the messages about money passed on through popular music and consider whether or not they are equipped to make responsible, ethical decisions when spending money. In this exploration, students will consider the implications of needs and wants and financial responsibility from both personal and greater community perspectives.

Unit Guiding Questions

How can I use drama techniques to explore and understand a critical issue?
How can I build empathy for others through drama?
What is popular culture?
What does it mean to be manipulated by the media?
How does the media shape our attitudes and opinions about money?
What is my relationship to money and finance?
What is my responsibility with regard to finance to myself and others?
What is the responsibility of the community in regard to finance?

Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment for Learning

Lesson 1: 3-2-1 Countdown, Guiding Questions, Descriptive Feedback, Discussion, Two Stars and a Wish, BLM #2 Ticket Out the Door
Lesson 2: Teacher Observation, Discussion, Descriptive Feedback, Writing in role
Lesson 3: Teacher Observation, Discussion, Descriptive Feedback

Assessment as Learning

Lesson 1: Sharing Personal Stories, Two Stars and a Wish
Lesson 2: Self Assessment Checklist CODE resource
Lesson 3: Two stars and a wish

Assessment of Learning

Lesson 1: Tableau Rubric CODE resource
Lesson 3: BLM #3 Consolidating Activity Rubric


Lesson 1 - Money Messages in Popular Music

Students will use role play, tableau and sound and movement strategies to explore and interpret song fragments. Students will analyse the positive and negative impact of inferred messages regarding money from popular culture.

Lesson 2 - If I Had a Million Dollars...

Students will explore the issue of spending money by investigating needs and wants through discussion, visual art and role-playing.

Lesson 3 - Money and Power and Responsibility...

Students will examine the issue of personal and community responsibilities that accompany money through role play and prepared improvisation.