for teachers and participants with experience who would like to extend their drama and dance practice


Using Indigenous Sources as Dance and Drama Provocation Tools

Workshop Description: In this workshop, participants will be using Indigenous knowledge to explore strategies to decolonize themselves, their classrooms and their pedagogy through embodied and performative inquiry. To begin this workshop, participants will be guided through embodying a co-created Land Acknowledgement through creative movement. Participants will be provided with strategies and classroom ready resources on how to appropriately and respectfully embed Indigenous perspectives into the curriculum using multiple provocation tools. Participants will be guided through the creative process and be asked to respond artistically through various Art forms at differentiated stations.
The following stations will include:
Dance: Participants will use a graphic novel, props and inquiry questions to inspire a creative movement piece that reflects the removal of children from Indigenous communities.
Drama: Participants will be using story books and Kent Monkman’s work to express the historical Indigenous narrative: home, removal, departure and reconciliation.

Bobbie Dorka (she/her) is a Drama and Dance educator with the Peel District School Board. She has been working to incorporate more equity based themes into the Drama and Dance classroom and is a vocal advocate for arts education. Her work has been shared at PDSB's Arts Symposium, workshops, and on arts writing teams. Bobbie is currently the Dance Liaison for CODE.

Stacy Burnett is a Secondary Dance and Health & Physical Educator in Peel District School Board. She is an advocate for facilitating professional learning opportunities for teachers and allowing them to develop and question their own practice. Stacy is also an instructional leader for OISE UofT in their HPE additional qualification program. She has led many workshops at multiple conferences including: Ontario Physical Literacy Summit, CIRA, Peel Arts Symposium, HALP Conference, Arts Alive. As the secondary representative for the Peel Dance Teachers Associations she is constantly collaborating with other arts educators. Stacy also works for Experience Groove as a Teacher Consultant and facilitates Groove workshops for students, educators and corporate workers. When completing her Masters of Teaching at the University of Melbourne in 2009 she conducted research that highlighted the benefits of including dance education in schools and has continued to spread her passion for dance and physical education ever since.


Dance Improvisation

Workshop Description:  Participants will explore creative expression as they learn to move intuitively in response to text, images, and soundscapes. Participants can create solo movement improvisations and connect through the screen, working interactively to inspire each other.
This workshop is suitable for dancers of all ages and abilities and offers a foundation for movement improvisation that crosses the worlds of Theatre, Dance and Performance Art.

Allen Kaeja is an internationally recognized and award-winning Choreographer and DanceFilm Director. The child of a refugee and Holocaust survivor, Allen has created 47 Holocaust inspired stage and film works.  Overall, he’s created over 180 stage works and choreographed 30 films. Co-Artistic Director of Kaeja d’Dance with Karen Kaeja, Allen’s stage and film works have been featured in commercials, films and festivals around the world. He has received numerous national and international commissions, teaches Kaeja Elevations and Dance Film master classes worldwide.
Allen and Karen recently completed performing/teaching in Japan, Singapore, China, Israel, across Canada, Mexico, USA and the UK. Allen was very excited creating with Director Keira Loughran, choreographing Wendy and Peter Pan until COVID closed the Stratford Festival. They have recently received the Dance Ontario Lifetime Achievement Award and are FINALISTS for the Toronto Arts Foundations-2020 Celebration of Cultural Life Award. Allen and Karen are creating for their upcoming 33rd anniversary in 2022.


Are you still on Mute?: Amplifying student voice in the Junior Classroom

Workshop Description:  Re-connect, play, and explore ways to create positive learning spaces that build community, support, belonging, and joy! Engage in a variety of drama strategies that value students’ voices and identities. Experience how drama warm-ups, games, spoken word, story, and movement can promote well-being and flow when they are rooted in Inclusive Design and Culturally Relevant and Responsive practices. After such a long period of uncertainty and isolation, this is vital for our learners. We’ll dip into junior level activities that can be adapted for primary or intermediate, remote, live, or modified live scenarios. Time to Re-Vise, Re-Fresh, and Re-Boot!

Tracy Thomson (she/her) is currently the Acting Program Coordinator for Dance, Drama, Music, Media & Visual Arts for the TDSB and the Toronto Regional Coordinator for CODE. She’s worked as an Instructional Leader & Central Lead for the Arts, an AQ Instructor and she’s written and collaborated on resources and presented Integrated Arts and Equity workshops for a number of organizations. A life long learner, she earned her MA in Arts Ed in 2016. Tracy loves dancing, painting, cooking, playing music, films, being in nature, and riding her motor scooter, but not all at the same time!


Using virtual classroom tools to enhance engagement in elementary dance and drama

Workshop Description: This presentation explores the creation of educational resources using google slides, powerpoint, pdf hyperlinks, and other educational websites to aid educators in the engagement of students while teaching dance and drama online. This presentation will walk through multiple resources that are facilitated through screen share that not only allow for facilitation of the arts but integration of academic subject areas such as language, math and history. This presentation advocates for the use of technology to be used to reproduce play-based learning techniques in order to engage students and re-ignite a love for the arts. Here is a small example of one resource created by the presenter and used by a dance teacher to reengage a dance class:


Rhea Howley has been in the dance industry for over 20 years. She is a graduate of the York University BFA Honors Dance program specializing in Pedagogy and Movement Analysis with a minor in History. Consecutively she achieved her Bachelor of Education from York U. She has trained extensively for close to two decades in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Ballroom, Hip Hop, and Afro-Caribbean dance. Rhea believes it is important to stay up to date within the dance community and continues to educate herself and be a working dance professional.
Rhea is currently a teacher with the Toronto Catholic District School board alongside owning Creative Connexions Performing Arts Centre a dance studio in Ajax, ON. Rhea is very passionate about technology, community outreach, arts administration and curriculum development.

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