We Believe

... that specific Drama & Dance knowledge, skills and values are critical for learning at all levels of education, in Ontario.

... that Drama & Dance as art forms and as processes of learning integrate the curriculum and facilitate essential learning outcomes.

... that to be effective, all teachers must experience in-depth pre-service and in-service training in educational Drama and/or Dance both as subjects and as vehicles for integrated and cross-curricular studies.

... that it is essential for Drama & Dance teachers to develop partnerships with the educational and artistic communities and with the public.

CODE was born in 1970 under the leadership of a small group of educators who believed that Ontario drama teachers needed an autonomous organization to address their needs. From an initial conference at Queen's University to today's province-wide services, CODE has evolved into a registered Drama and Dance, not-for-profit charitable agency affiliated with many drama organizations, notably Theatre Ontario, Theatre Canada, IDEA (International Drama in Education Association), AECO (Arts Education Council of Ontario) and others. Our members are mainly teachers, but we also welcome freelance artists, Faculty of Education students, corporate sponsors, suppliers and all others who share our interests.

Our goal, as stated in our by-laws, is to "encourage and support the development of drama and dance in education in Ontario".

To do this, we

  • Promote strong arts education in schools and communities across Ontario
  • Provide a forum a forum for the exchange of ideas among those involved in drama and dance in education
  • Provide leadership and advocacy in drama and dance in education
  • Provide professional development in those involved in drama and dance in education
  • Cooperate with existing arts agencies and education organizations.

To accomplish these goals and objectives, we focus on several areas:

  • AN INTERACTIVE WEBSITE with articles, resources, a discussion forum, lesson plans, links to arts organizations and more.
  • CODE CONFERENCE, an annual event for drama and dance educators. An exciting opportunity to participate in professional development and network with other educators in Ontario.