Sharing Dance Resources

Introducing new resource: Sharing Dance in the Classroom

Introducing a wonderful new set of dance education resources available free for teachers across Canada!  These resources include unit plans, instructional videos, and custom-composed, royalty-free music for you to download. Please register for your account today and enjoy Sharing Dance with your students!

Sharing Dance in the Classroom is a FREE suite of bilingual online resources for teachers, providing high-quality, creative, dance activities to increase physical activity, and mental and emotional well-being. You do not need dance experience to facilitate these classes! The materials are designed to be nationally relevant and meet the needs of dance curriculums across all provinces and territories. The resources are also cross-curricular – units focus on exploring language, science and geography through movement. Bilingual resources for junior grades are now available. Sign up to access. Resources for Primary and Intermediate levels will be available in 2017, along with additional support tools and modules appropriate for after-school programs, and other community settings.

Powered by Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS), the resources were created in partnership with Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School (RWB School) and Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada).