Unit Overview


In these lessons, students will explore the message and meaning presented by a variety of media texts. They will have the opportunity to create their own media text that conveys a message. Lesson 2 will conclude with students using their bodies and movement to communicate a message. Students will discuss the impact of non-verbal communication as a means of communicating an idea in a creative dance piece.


Lesson 1 - Get the Message

In this lesson, students will look critically at a variety of advertisements. They will interpret media messages in advertising and consider how we react as consumers. Students will examine Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and identify why they are created and how they, as consumers, react to them. They will then select a social justice or socio-economic issue and create a piece of visual art to convey a message.

Lesson 2 - Dancing the Issues

Students will use creative movement to communicate a message about social justice and socio-economic issues. They will conclude the lesson by using creative movement to communicate a message in an ABA pattern dance sequence, using their visual art piece as a stimulus.