As always, CODE’s commitment to providing resources and advocacy for Drama and Dance remain unwavering. 

More than half of our resources are available for free to non-members. These resources were paid for by the Ministry of Education. Do filter for: Critical Literacy, Financial Literacy, Curriculum Support 2009 and Course Profiles. Do a search for Aga Khan for an exciting collaborative resource!

However, many of the resources developed by CODE are available only to our members. We do offer free membership for two years to our pre-service teacher candidates and half-price membership to first year and retired teachers. Because we are a not-for-profit organization, our membership fees pay for maintaining our website and developing resources. The entire CODE BOARD consists of VOLUNTEERS who are OCT teachers working in our classrooms across Ontario. 

All CODE Resources were reviewed in the past two years. We are currently editing some of our resources to reflect 2020 pedagogy, equity practices and Indigenous inclusivity. We apologize if you cannot find a resource that you used in the past. Take solace in the fact that we are also in the process of developing new resources which we are publishing as fast as we can!  We have focused on public access resources during Covid-19 but we will begin developing new resources primarily for our members, we hope, over the summer.

We encourage you to put the health and well-being of yourselves and your families first. Breathe, bond and express yourselves by creating: storytelling, role-playing, dancing, reading, writing, painting, singing, cooking, planting and growing....whatever creative endeavours bring you and your loved ones joy, solace, and peace.

To support PARENTS while schools are closed, we have identified resources for:


To support TEACHERS while schools are closed, we have identified those of our resources which are most compatible with on-line learning and have provided tips for adapting these to distance learning.  


Wishing you all the best during these challenging times.   

CODE (Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators)