On October 24th, CODE honoured the life and legacy of of Drama in Education pioneer, David Booth. David Booth  was Professor Emeritus and Scholar in Residence at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, where he has worked in arts and literacy education. He was also the Elizabeth Thorn Chair of the Centre for Literacy at the Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University. He was educated in Ontario, and completed his graduate work at Oxford University and Durham University in England.

For over fifty years, Dr. Booth has been involved in education as a classroom teacher, language arts consultant, professor, speaker and author. His students have included grade 6 and 7 students, elementary and secondary teachers and administrators, and many graduate students as a course instructor and supervisor. Each summer, he taught drama courses in different universities throughout Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Australia, the Czech Republic, Austria, China, and India. 

His legacy will live on through the work of drama and dance educators across the province, country and world. 

Please explore our webpage dedicated to tributes for David Booth: www.code.on.ca/david-booth-tribute