Happy International Dance Day!

April 29th is International Dance Day! Since 1982, this worldwide event has helped to raise the profile of Dance as an important performing art in all corners of the world. REcognised by UNESCO, World Dance Day events are happening around the world. Tell CODE what you're doing to celebrate! Send photos and information to publications@code.on.ca to be included in an upcoming post. 

In this year's Official Message, Alkis Raftis, President of the International Dance Council CID calls for greater integration of all of the arts:

A century ago famous Russian organizer Sergei Diaghilev revolutionized ballet by inviting the most talented painters and musicians of his time to contribute to his performances. I have the impression that present day choreographers neglect the other arts, do not feel the need to present their creations alongside their equals in other fields.

I am sure audiences would appreciate more arts included in dance performances, starting with the classical arts: painting, sculpture, theater, music, poetry, architecture, as well as more modern forms like photography, cinema, multimedia, lighting design, sound design. Let me go further in proposing to enrich choreography with the humanities (history, literature, philosophy and linguistics). Personally I would particularly enjoy storytelling, martial arts, and - I mean it very seriously - culinary arts.

Please share with us your Dance Day activities - how did your class, your school, your community celebrate Dance this year? Send your photos and information to publications@code.on.ca and we will include them in an upcoming post. 


Image source: http://timesofweb.com/international-dance-day-2015-images-quotes-pictures-sms/